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Term Insurance

Term life insurance ensures that your family receives a large lumpsum amount, called the sum assured, in the unfortunate event of death of the policyholder. By offering this benefit at extremely competitive rates, Term insurance plans provide an opportunity to get the protection of insurance cover at extremely affordable prices.

Why do I need term insurance

Increasing liabilities :
People today prefer to take loans to fulfilling their needs, instead of waiting to save for the future. India’s outstanding credit card debt had touched Rs 26,500 crore in May 2008, up by 87% from May 2007. Hence, in your absence, your family needs to take care of this loan.

Nuclear family structure :
Earlier, people could depend on their extended joint family system to take care of their near and dear ones in case of their absence. However, the share of families with more than 5 members has come down from 64% in 1990 to 56% in 2005 and is expected to decrease further.**

Increasing lifestyle diseases :
The share of lifestyle diseases in India is increasing. Also, people in senior management are more prone to lifestyle diseases,

While most of us do have some sort of life insurance cover or the other, the important question to ask ourselves is “how much life insurance cover do I need”?

Human life value, commonly known as HLV, is an easy to use numeric way of arriving at an answer to the question above. An individual’s HLV is typically expressed in terms of multiple of his or her annual income.

The approximate HLV tools are as follows:

The table below gives an approximate HLV multiple for different age bands. Top

Age Band

HLV Factor*

Age Band

HLV Factor*

















Why should I start planning my life cover needs now?
  • One should have adequate cover for dependents. It’s better to be prepared and ensure that the financial needs of your loved ones are taken care of, in the unfortunate event of death.
  • With age, the premiums tend to increase and therefore buying term insurance becomes more expensive.
  • Apart from the benefit of protection for your dependents, also enjoy tax benefits under Sec 80C up to Rs. 1,00,000.



A Quick Look
You strive to provide comfort, happiness, and security to your family. Even if something unfortunate were to happen to you, you would want your family’s future to be secured at all times.

With ICICI Pru I Care, protect your family’s future and ensure that they lead their lives comfortably without any financial worries, even in your absence.Also, get the advantage of instant life insurance cover at the click of a button.

ICICI Pru iCare at a glance

Minimum / Maximum age at entry

18 / 65 years (age last birthday)

Minimum Policy term

Regular Pay: 30 years
One Pay: 10 years
Policy term will be in multiples of 5 years

Maximum age at policy expiry

75 years (age last birthday)

Minimum premium

Rs. 3,000 (excluding service tax and education cess)

Accidental Death Benefit
(Only with iCare Option II)

Equal to Sum Assured, subject to a maximum of Rs. 50 lakhs

Minimum Sum Assured

Rs. 10 lakhs subject to a minimum premium of Rs. 3,000 (excluding service tax and cesses, as applicable.)

Maximum Sum Assured

Age band (last birthday)

Maximum Sum Assured


1.5 crore


70 lakhs


Premium payment option

Regular Pay. Company may offer One Pay option for 5 and 10 year policy terms.

Mode of premium payment Regular Pay: Yearly
One Pay: Single
Tax benefits Premium paid towards the policy will be eligible for tax benefits u/s 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961

How can I benefit from this term insurance plan?

Key benefits

  • Flexibility to choose protection cover based on your needs from:
    • Option I: Death benefit equal to Sum Assured
    • Option II: An additional death benefit equal to Sum Assured or Rs. 50 lakhs, whichever is lower, payable only in case of death due to accident
  • Instant life insurance cover1 through a simple online application process
  • Insurance cover at extremely affordable premiums
  • Option of regular pay and one pay
  • Tax benefits on the premiums paid2

1. The life insurance cover will begin immediately on acceptance of proposal.
After submission of the application form, if it is found that the customer has existing policies which have not been disclosed and due to which, there is a change in the underwriting decision of the Company, the Company will withdraw the cover subject to Section 45 of the Insurance Act, 1938 and below mentioned clause 1a.

  • 1a. The maximum benefit payable on death, excluding the Accidental Death Benefit under ICICI Pru iCare Option II, in respect of all policies issued on the same Life Assured will be limited to the maximum Sum Assured applicable for this product. The additional Accidental Death Benefit payable under ICICI Pru iCare Option II in respect of all policies issued on the same Life Assured will be limited to Rs. 50 lakhs.

2. Tax benefits under the policy are subject to conditions u/s 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Service tax and education cess will be charged extra, as per applicable rates. The tax laws are subject to amendments from time to time.


A Quick Look
As the head of your family, you have always fulfilled your responsibilities and given your loved ones the comforts they need. However, life is full of uncertainties and it is important to ensure that your family has a term insurance cover, should something unfortunate happen to you.

Keeping this in mind, we bring to you, ICICI Pru Pure Protect Classic & Pure Protect Elite, which are term insurance plans to insure your life and provide total security to your family.

ICICI Pru Pure Protect at a glance

ICICI Pru Pure                          Protect Classic

          ICICI Pru PurePru Protect Elite


Min / Max Entry Age

18 / 65 years

18 / 65 years

Min / Max Term

10 / 30 years

10 / 30 years

Max. Coverage Age

75 years

75 years

Min. Premium

Rs. 2,400 p.a.

Rs. 2,400 p.a.

Min. Sum Assured

Subject to minimum
premium as applicable

Rs. 25,00,000

Max.Sum Assured

Rs. 24,99,999


Premium Payment Frequency

Yearly / Half Yearly / Monthly

Tax Benefit of the term
insurance plan

Premium paid towards the life insurance
protection policy will be eligible for
tax benefit under Sec 80C , any benefit amount received under this policy will be eligible for the tax benefit under section 10 (10D), as per prevailing Income Tax laws


164 - Anmol Jeevan-1

Plan Highlights

Anmol Jeevan-I is a unique plan of assurance, by far the cheapest policy to buy; cheaper than even a whole life policy to start with. This plan is allowed to standard and sub-standard lives (upto Class VI EMR). In case of female lives, this plan will be restricted to Category I and II lives only. Physically handicapped persons falling under Group A will be eligible for this plan with the standard extra rates.

Eligibility & Conditions
(a) Minimum age at entry : 18 years (completed)
(b) Maximum age at entry : 55 years (nearest birthday)
(c) Maximum age at maturity : 65 years (nearest birthday)
(d) Minimum Policy Term : 5 years
(e) Maximum Policy term : 25 years
(f) Minimum Sum Assured : Rs.5,00,000/-
(g) Maximum Sum Assured: Rs 2400000/-

Policies will be issued in multiples of Rs.100,000/- for Sums Assured more than the minimum Sum Assured)

(h) Mode of premium payment : Yearly, Half-yearly & Single Premium

Special Features
Persons following hazardous occupations attracting an Occupation Extra of Rs.4/- or more per Rs.1000/- Sum Assured will not be eligible for the plan. Cost of medical examination will be borne by the Corporation.

Standard age proof will have to be submitted along with the proposal form. Proposals will be considered on the basis of Medical Reports and Special reports (if any). Cost of medical examination (including Special reports, if any) will be borne by the LIC as per rules. The basic Sum Assured under this plan will be the basis for medical examination and SUC. Benefits

Survival Benefits:
This being a pure term assurance policy, no maturity proceeds are payable.

Death Benefits:
On the other hand, the risk of premature death is fully covered to the extent of the sum assured.



Plan Highlights
Amulya Jeevan - I Plan (Plan No. 190) is a Term Assurance plan with minimum Sum Assured as Rs.25 lakh.

On death during the term of the policy full sum assured is payable. On surviving the term no maturity proceeds are payable Eligibility & Conditions
(a) Minimum age at entry : 18 years (completed)
(b) Maximum age at entry : 60 years (nearest birthday)
(c) Maximum age at maturity : 70 years (nearest birthday)
(d) Minimum Policy Term : 5 years
(e) Maximum Policy term : 35 years
(f) Minimum Sum Assured : Rs.25,00,000/-
(g) Maximum Sum Assured: No Upper Limit

(Policies will be issued in multiples of Rs.100,000/- for Sums Assured more than the minimum Sum Assured) (h) Mode of premium payment : Yearly, Half-yearly & Single Premium

a) Mode Rebate
There is no mode rebate for yearly mode of premium payment under this plan. In case of half-yearly mode, there is an additional premium of 2% of the tabular annual premium.

b) Large Sum Assured Rebates
A rebate of Rs.0.5 %o Sum Assured will be allowed under Single Premium policies with Sums Assured of Rs. One Crore and above. There will be no rebate for large Sum Assured in case of Regular Premium.

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